Eli’s 2nd Birthday is around the corner

07 Aug

Hi everyone,

Sorry that is has been such a long time since my last post!  The summer is coming to an end for us at our home and we are enjoying the last bit left of it.  We officially started our school year 3 weeks ago and so far we are loving it!  I am just trying to catch up on all the cleaning and odds and ends since my morning is all filled up with school!  Leah is in first grade now and is doing awesome!  Jonah started his preschool curriculum and the kids are loving that part of the school day!  Leah likes to say that preschool is soooo much more fun than first grade 🙂 

This coming week we will first celebrate Reece’s first birthday!  He is getting to be such a big boy and trouble maker!  His favorite thing to do is play with balls, cars, and wrestle his brother and sister.  He does not care much for dolls, fairies, and barbies, although Leah continues to try! 

Two days after we celebrate Reece’s 1st birthday we will celebrate Eli’s 2nd birthday!  It is hard to imagine that Eli would be 2 here on Earth if we was still here with us.  We will celebrate like we did last year for Eli.  We made him a cake and put his candle (s) on it.  We then blew out the candle and enjoyed his cake.  We watched the small video we have of him (30 seconds), and look through the whole slide show of the pictures.  We laugh and remember our special time we had with him.  We then go to the cemetary and talk and pray for him.  It is a hard day for me, but also so beautiful!  I remember my surprise on the day of his birth that he was a boy (we did not know or have any idea). 

So please continue to pray for us this coming week that we will continue to move forward through our sadness and thank our Heavenly Father each and everyday!  He is soooo good!  We do not always understand him, but scripture says that we are not supposed to, he is God and we are not!



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