When bad things happen to good people

24 Sep

So what do we say about God when bad things happen to good people?  Some people believe that is one reason that there cannot be a God.  How can a good God let these things happen?  These are questions I believe we as believers even struggle with and question. 

Greg and I experienced another miscarriage a couple of weeks ago.  We were so excited to be expecting again.  We had two miscarriages before the birth of Leah (6.5 years ago) and experiencing a miscarriage is very hard.  My  heart goes out to families that have experienced similar pain.  I know your pain and can understand the thoughts and feelings.  I was 8 weeks pregnant when the spotting happened this time.  I was devastated as I knew what the outcome would be.  So the three kids and I traveled to the doctor the next day to hear the very sad news.  This miscarriage was so hard!  I thought…really God how could this happen to us again?  We already have 2 babies and Eli in heaven with you!  But the reality is, God is God and I am not!  I cannot begin to fathom some of the things He chooses to do.  I know that I would never send my only son to suffer and die for everyone who chooses to have life in him.  So how do we continue to trust and follow God when bad things happen?

God uses these trials in my life to draw me closer to him.  Greg and I have been on a journey over the last year and the results are amazing and all credited to God’s love and guiding hand in our lives.  We are so committed to God and his plan that we have been privileged to follow him!  We are in awe that he would call sinners like us to do such a thing!  How can God want me when I am angry, depressed, irritated, and broken?  But he does!  In fact if you look closely at the people in the Bible who Jesus called to FOLLOW him; they were broken just like we are. 

I will write in other posts about some of the changes that Greg and I have made to Follow Jesus.  We are so blessed even in the midst of our pain!  Only God could change our hearts that way! 

I pray for those of you reading who do not truly know and follow God.  There will be pain, trials, and joy all at the same time!  But the best news of all, once you commit to follow God; you will have everlasting life through God.  How can it get any better than that? 

Blessings from our home to yours!



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2 responses to “When bad things happen to good people

  1. Julie Tappenden

    September 25, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    I’m so sorry for your loss Tiffany! I can’t imagine what you are going through but I’m praying for comfort and peace for the whole family. Your posts are very inspiring and I admire your faithfulness! Thank you for sharing.

    With Love,
    Julie Tappenden

    • rememberingeli

      September 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm

      Thanks for the encouraging words sent with love!
      Many blessings!


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