There is not enough time in the day…

01 Oct

My last blog was about giving money and tithing.  Today I want to talk about something even more dear to my heart: my time!  I once heard a friend say, “Sometimes I would rather give money than my time away to help in a cause!”  I cannot say that I blame my friend for his honest statement.  I know I am very greedy for “my time”.  And if my kids have a hard time going to bed at night, I become rather unpleasant and upset.  I think to myself, “I just want some downtime…go to bed!!!!!”  I can remember the first time I put the kids to bed and did not leave their side (right after Eli died).  And a very strange thing happened.  Instead of becoming more needy of me, the kids were much more likely to go to sleep peacefully without any struggle at all.  It makes perfect sense, you show love and they feel content and safe.  The more I show love to my children and they know that I am not hurried, the more I feel at peace. 

Isn’t it that way with our Heavenly Father too?  I more I spend time with him and not hurry through it so I can get to what I want to do, the more at peace and loved I feel. 

We have a lot of time on our hands, yet I find myself saying quite frequently…”I wish I had more hours in the days…There just is not enough time to get everything done..etc”

 But the more I am in God’s word and presence the more I am reminded that even our time is not ours, it is God’s time.  What a blessing that is!  I can feel safe and secure knowing that how I spend my time will be in line with God and his will for my life.  I am certain that I have failed God many times in this area of my life and become the greedy selfish woman that he does not want me to be.  I then get reminded that it is not my time to begin with and so my attitude changes. 

Just like I said that the way we spend our money (resources) reflects what is near and dear to our hearts, so does our time.  I like to make the most of the time I have here on Earth as I never know when my last day will be.  Therefore we have started to change a few things at home:

We now do not watch TV at all or own a TV.  TV for us is a huge time stealer.  We have been watching only little bits since Eli died; but even a little could be time spent on something else. Plus the values on so many TV shows are so insulting and not funny as they claim to be. We use the time to talk more together as husband and wife.  Greg and I have always found it difficult to communicate together in our marriage, but for the first time in 8 years of our marriage; we now are closer and communicate together because we are making the time.  Our kids also do not watch TV as they have playing, chores, schoolwork, and arts/crafts to fill their time.  They say they do not really miss it at all.  It has been about 3 months.  Jonah did watch a video from the library on our computer when he was sick one day, but other than that we are TV free.  We do plan on watching The Nativity Story at Christmas time for a treat too. 

It is funny because just last year when the after thanksgiving sales were going on and flat screen TV’s were such a good price I wanted to get one.  Greg has been wanting one for some time, but God put it on his heart that we really did not watch enough to justify buying one.  What a great decision this has been for our marriage and family life.  Since we are filling our time with drawing closer to God and each other, we are not missing it at all.  I think if we replaced TV with some other disengaging activity it would defeat the purpose.  God has been so good to us as we step out in faith for him.

So I will close today with this:

Where do you spend your free time?  Could you use that time for something to bring you closer to God (fellowship, attending church, reading the Bible, reading a bible study)?  Please prayerfully consider this and try to have an open mind while you pray! 

Trusting in Jesus,


PS: I am not trying to sound like I know everything about what it means to walk with God…I am taking baby steps, but can see the fruit of those steps already.  I just want to share what God is doing in our lives and encourage you in your faith walk!

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