Does this make sense to you?

10 Sep

Ok…so here is a very hard topic to talk about! Abortion!  There I said it.  Sigh.  I can remember back in college when my stance was pro-choice.  I would say, I would not have an abortion myself, but felt like it should be an option for those who were raped.  I believed what the left wing party was telling me.  I did not look to God for the answers.  I did not believe that God gives us these precious children, that is is not about the physical act of sex, but that God’s hand is in creating life. 

God has brought me so far on the this topic and I am very openly pro-life.  How can I not be?  So many people wept with us when Eli died.  Would those same people have wept if they had not met him if I have aborted him?  What if I knew that Eli would die very early and chose to terminate his life in the uterus to save myself the pain?  I would have saved myself the blessing of knowing him, holding him, nursing him, loving him.  Life throws us hard choices, hard roads to follow, but if we seek Him, we have someone to walk with us. 

Now I come to this question…state governments can take babies right from birth from mothers who have chosen to harm their baby in uterus from consuming alcohol, drugs, etc.  But it is legal for these mothers to kill their babies.  And that late term abortion is legal.  I guess I just do not get this fact?  I do not agree that it is ok for mothers to injure their babies with narcotics or alcohol, but neither do I agree that should be legal for these mothers to abort their babies. 

I remember my friend telling me that when she was pregnant with her first child she was eating a sandwich at Subway.  A complete stranger walked up to her and was very upset that she would be hurting her baby with eating a deli sandwich.  Now I do not want to debate the ideas of eating lunch meat while pregnant, but my point is that there are a TON of warnings and of DO’s and DON’TS while pregnant just in case it might be harmful to the baby.  So that makes me think that human life is sacred and people care to help the baby stay healthy while in uterus.  So why is abortion still legal? 

I read this article and saw the picture of a woman who was pregnant with twins and was going to abort them at 20 weeks.  She was rather pregnant looking since she was having twins and seeing the picture really make the story all the more real to me.  She said that she already had daughters at home and did not want anymore.  I do not wish to bring this message with hate; but with love.  We all sin, we all fall short of the glory of God.  None of us are perfect.  And I myself fall short; daily.  But I want to be clear that while I do not hate; I do not support pro-choice.  God does not support pro-choice.  He is very clear in His word about the sanctity of human life.

Please join me in praying for those who feel like abortion is their only way.  Pray for the workers who conduct these abortions.  Pray for the hearts of those who play hand in politics, law makers, judges who can make a difference for standing up for Life. 

I love living in America.  I do not believe we have a perfect country, government, or policies.  We cannot since we are in a fallen world with fallen people.  But I am not proud of living with abortion being legal.  I will vote for Life in this election.  I will always vote for Life.  I may not agree with other policies or the Republican party; but I will continue to support LIFE. 

God’s Blessings,


I love

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