Why we do not celebrate Halloween

13 Oct

Last year was the first year that we did not partake in any Halloween activities (trick or treating, parties, decorations, etc). We are definitely not in the majority of our friends and relatives and are often thought of as strange for not celebrating Halloween. And that is ok. But I wanted to share with some of you why we choose not to partake in Halloween activities any longer.

Some might wonder: Is it because we are morally superior? Is it because we think we are better Christians? Is it because we like to challenge the status quo? To answer all of those: NO!

The more Greg and I were reading God’s word on a consistent basis (this used to not be the case years ago), the more we were convicted to take a look at how we were living. We started to question what television would be watched, how we would spend our time, what clothing would be pleasing to God? We wanted to start thinking about pleasing God and not man. And before this we were about pleasing man and fitting into the crowd. Because of these decisions we do not always fit in with what the majority are doing. But I have to say, I do not think what the majority of Americans are doing with their time is very pleasing to God.

I remember being convicted over a series of a few weeks that Halloween really is something to look into and find out why we were trick or treating and carving pumpkins. The kids loved Halloween…dressing up, getting candy, passing out candy. But just because my kids loved it I could not put aside God’s convictions and not look into the holiday.

What I found was that Halloween had very pagan backgrounds, with false God’s being worshipped, devil worship, and other customs that are very dark.

Jesus brings us light, not dark.

So after much discussion, prayer and talking with the kids we decided to not celebrate Halloween any longer. And the kids did not miss it! I was really surprised, but they really want to be pleasing to the Lord too. We had the kids’ friends over and held our first “Praising God for Fall party”. This year our church is having a special Martin Luther Reformation Day on Halloween and then that evening there will be a chili cookout at a church member’s home with the whole church invited. We just started attending our new church in April and we are starting to notice that we are not at all misfits when it comes to how we choose to dress, celebrate, spend our time, etc.

Most of our friends and children’s friends are Christians. We are the only ones (besides families at our new church) who do not celebrate Halloween and that is ok. I am not asking you to stop celebrating. I am not implying that you are worshipping false Gods if you do. But I would love for you to take a look at the history of Halloween and decide for yourselves after much prayer and consideration. Sometimes it is hard when we deny what is fun or important to us, but Jesus did tell us to daily deny ourselves. I know I tell the kids that they must deny all of their wants. They would eat candy, sweets, and junk for all of their meals if I did not have them deny their wants and cravings.

God is so good and I want to do things that please Him. Because He is my redeemer, my Father, and my Savior. Not because I feel like it is another rule to follow. I want to follow Him. When I became a believer I left my old Life and became new. The New Testament tells us that this will happen to new believers. I would not look back for any reason or anything that I might not feel comfortable partaking in anymore.

Following Jesus,

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