November 6th 2012

26 Oct

Most people know why November 6th 2012 is a big day for our country.  But few know why it will be a big day in our home.  November 6th, 2009 our 3rd child Elijah Thomas Heim died and went to be with God in heaven.  It was a day I will never forget, one that is still etched into my brain.  Sometimes I would love to turn back the clock and change history; that is not to be.  If I truly believe Jesus to be the way, the truth, and the life than I must believe that God is sovergn over everything.  He has the power to do the impossible.  He could have prevented Eli from dying, but he did not.  I have been at peace with this fact for a long time.  I never doubted God’s goodness, his love for me, or his love for Eli.  I might not understand why Eli died that day, but I do know that I will see him in heaven one day.

So this coming election I will not only get to vote for Life, I will vote for Eli.  I will send him and all the precious babies in heaven a message that life is so important.  That the taking of human life is not acceptable, it is not the way of our Heavenly Father.

I got this from an article and wanted to share it in regards to a common remark about why people would consider themselves pro-choice.  This was the same answer I would give before God came into my life.


Imagine if I said, “Don’t like slavery, then don’t own one.” Or, “Don’t like spousal abuse? Well, then don’t beat your wife!” If I said those things, you would understand immediately that I did not grasp why slavery and abuse are wrong. They are not wrong because I personally dislike them. They are wrong because slaves and spouses are intrinsically valuable human beings who have a natural right not to be treated as property. Whether I personally like slavery or spousal abuse is completely beside the point. If I liked spousal abuse, you would rightly say I was sick! You would not resign yourself to say, “Well, I guess abuse is right for you but not for me.”

Please consider the issue that all human life is precious.  And please vote!  November 6th is too big of an election not to.  Even though I would rather be in bed and weeping over my precious Eli; I know that he would not want me to stay in bed.

Trusting in Jesus,


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